Friday, April 24, 2009

Goat Milk Soap-Orange Mint & Honey Oatmeal

Occasionally I like to showcase a soap or two.

The soap pictured every day on the blog is orange mint goat milk soap. It generally is a light orange (or very pale peach) color, all natural. The scent is from sweet orange oil with a touch of peppermint and spearmint. This was one of my original soaps, crafted in my shop before I included goat milk in my soaps. One of my customers calls it, "My chewing gum soap." I am not sure that it smells like chewing gum, but it is fresh and clean, light and airy. I love the soap myself!

Pictured today is honey oatmeal goat milk soap. This soap also goes back a number of years, the second handmade soap that I originally made. Many customers have commented that they use this soap for shaving (and never went back to shaving cream). Oatmeal has some healing properties for scrapes, sunburns and skin irritation. I grind the oatmeal before it goes in the soap, subsequently the soap contains small particles which gives it an exfoliation property as well. The lather is rather rich, creamy, not so much bubbly. Honey is included, which makes for the variances in the soap color. This unscented soap has a nut-like scent, pure. I never knew this fact before I made soap, honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture.

Both orange mint and honey oatmeal goat milk soaps are included on my website, in the soap category and the (Y) discounted products category as well.


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!

Lynnanne said...

I think the Honey Oatmeal sounds great.

I went to the post office box yesterday before heading to work. There was a package... goat milk soap from Annie's Goat Hill!
I used it this morning, the first time I've ever used goat milk soap, and was pleasantly surprised -- nice feel, nice scent, great lather. Actually, I was surprised at the lather. It was smooth.

As for the package... right on the money. I wouldn't have expected anything other than what it came in. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing (seems like I saw something about you wanting input on packaging ??)... Its old-fashioned, natural flair is perfect for the type of soap that it is-- homemade and homespun.

Thanks so much for the soap... it's wonderful!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

The sweet orange sounds so nice. I'm still using your bars, one is on the kitchen sink. Doesn't dry my hands out like that antibiotic stuff.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

You made my day!

I love the lather in my soap. Some bars have more lather than others (depending upon the esssential oils or fragrances used), but they all have that glycerin/silky/slippery quality to them.

Use enough of any soap and oils wash away, of course. Soap wouldn't clean without that quality. But use a good bar of goat milk soap, and you find it to not be harsh, and hardly drying to the skin!

Lynnanne, I am glad you like the soap! And thank you for the thumbs up on the packaging. When I talk about packaging (soon) here, I am first going to give an overview of how I see handmade soap as it relates to the farm (and to what drew me to it to begin with). We (soap crafters)all have a vision, and our packaging normally reflects it.

Take care!

Lynnanne said...

I'm anxious to read about your beginnings with goat milk soap.