Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny Day On The Hill

When you own animals, and especially livestock, they sometimes give you a "heart attack" when you catch them lounging. I took this picture from afar, lost a bit of clarity from the distance, but there sat a group of girls, many of them being my dairy girls in milk, all twisted around, enjoying this gorgeous 80 degree, breezy and sunny day! Look at Carmella (far right), twisted around like a pretzel.

The worst look to a sleeping animal (horse, cow, goat, and even dog) is when they lay completely flat, motionless, on their side. Like looking at a newborn baby, one deep in sleep, are they breathing? Let out a sigh of relief, they are!

As a livestock owner you learn to sharpen your senses when you look at your animals. It becomes internal habit. When you glance at the animals it goes a lot further than enjoyment. You look at actions, body movements, eating patterns, and even how they "speak." A herder catches a goat that is "off," for example, early on just by seeing the slightest change in their behavior.

By the way...I received more questions, and I have more answers, for part III of the dairy goat diary, coming up in a few days!

Anyhow...I am just sharing a sunny day photo taken from the office window a few moments ago.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Thanks for sharing!
I am enjoying the sunny day by being inside cleaning house. But when it's done, I'll be outside! And I can relate about noticing the slightest changes. I watch my critters closely, too.

Alix said...

Our horse Remmy loved to sleep laying down. We were used to seeing him down in his stall, but my heart would always jump when he was down in the paddock. I agree! What seems like a lazy nap to the livestock is a heart attack to us!

Gotta love em tho.

The pile of goats is a precious picture. I love that some of their milk may have or will some day make it to a soap I am using.

I love your goats!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture and it has been a gorgeous day, huh! It was 86:-D