Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not Finished Yet, As The Doe Says

Well, there is one thing for certain when you own goats, you never know everything for certain.

But isn't that true about life, expect the ups, downs, in and outs, and the surprises? If we don't expect them, we will be in a load of trouble.

Today is day 155 for Bonnie, my oldest dairy doe. I assumed she had not settled. No udder, tight ligaments, and no signs of pregnancy, except her voracious appetite and pushiness with other does has been a bit more pronounced the last couple of days. As I let her out of the gate this morning she moved with a noticible amount of slowness. I immediately said out loud, "Oh oh," as I reached between her legs as she passed through. Yep, milk came in. Giggle. We are not finished with the kidding season yet.

The old girl is outside today, walking around like nothing is up, now loosening in the ligaments, and beginning to show signs of impending labor. I keep hoping for it to start, as we are having friends over for cards tonight for the first time in months. But, no, nature isn't quite on that schedule today. And that is okay.

Waiting...waiting...and it will happen, in it's own time. It is the code of the doe, she will kid when she is good and ready. :)

Have a great Saturday! It is beautiful here today!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it lovely outside today! Yep, she will kid when she is good and ready to and keep you waiting, LOL but that is how it is with raising any kind of livestock though and the same with humans too but my almost 4 year old niece and nephew didn't make their Amma ( that's Mom in Tamil ) waiting, we get to see them soon, can't wait! Anyways, my almost 4 year old niece was 3 weeks early ( she was born May 11th, 4 days after her baby shower, she was supposed to be a June baby ) and my nephew was 2 days early ( his due date was February 3rd and he came February 1st ).

LindaSueBuhl said...

I believe the term "great with child" might apply as great with kids - she does look quite large. We have one old, very unpleasant goat and I'm hoping she is done with kidding. She beat our young buck up during "season" so perhaps he decided she wasn't worth the effort. At any rate - older does seem to really dote on their babies and truly, they do know when it is time (guests, all dressed for church, wanting to get some rest - usually cues to start real labor!)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

what kind of cards?

hope she delivers soon

KathyB. said...

It is kind of like Christmas isn't it? To have kids due when they were not expected! A bonus....but really, you do not expect your doe to kid conveniently on your schedule? But then again, she just might, oh joy, oh joy for you and her!

If she were human she could appear on that new shoe " I Did Not Know I was Pregnant"!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Joanna, we play simple games of Spades and Euchre. Normally our card games tend to be more like giggle sessions, with lots of talk around the table, catching up. :)

Linda, your doe sounds like Bonnie, in charge she is! :)

DebH said...

Hey now what a great surprise and so right about surprises. Seems I am always waiting and expecting a surprise. Even when I think I have the worst of things covered..I am always amazed and those sneak attacks. Good Luck and post a follow up on her!! That one will be a Good Surprse! :D

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

The old girl didn't do so well this time. I should say, Bonnie's kid did not do well. As soon as I published the post I said to myself, "Be careful, it is day 155, and she is very uncomfortable. This could be a bad outcome." It was. These things happen, always dissapointing though. The buckling was not alive when he arrived. The afterbirth came so quickly afterwards, plopped down hard, I think more was going on than what met the eye. Bonnie is doing well. I am sure she will again someday have those big robust and bossy kids that she normally presents. Thank you for asking! I appreciate it.

DebH said...

Oh. so sorry for the loss. I am glad to hear the doe made it, sometimes things are unpleasant in raising animals, but you have to find the good in the sad somehow.
I know that sounds a little unusual, but truly,,I always tell myself..Things could be worse!! I am lucky even with the hardships that befall me, It could always be much much worse, AND even that, I will be ready for :)