Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Blues Here

What a glorius day!

A day to mow the grass, one of my favorite chores. It isn't a chore when you love to do it, right?

A day to enjoy the blue and purple spring flowers.

A day to reflect on the old red white and blue on the front porch.

A day to enjoy the husband in the blue coat loving one of the last bottle babies. What a beautiful nubian cross doeling she is.

And finally, a beautiful day to make soap, blue and purple, and other spring and summer colors (green, gold, pink). The scents, mmmm, I made the soap right before lunch and I can honestly say my stomach was growling by the time I took the photo. The soap smells wonderful! I will cut them tomorrow and tell you more.


Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous day isn't it:)

Lomond Soap said...

Also blue here! Bluebells are blue-ming :)
Lovely blue that soap of yours.

Jennifer said...

Great post. I love old milk cans. My mailbox sits in one! The soap and the goat kid are both beautiful!

Mary said...

Thank you!

Today was a fantastic day! Life is full of blessings.